Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sky Bar's Chance

Sky Bar definitely has kid potential. He's a pretty easy going fellow.

He went for his first walk through the woods with us the other day.
He was alert, but he walked nicely.

The saddling went without a hitch last week. He continues to improve with picking up his feet; he'll hold them up now rather than ask for them back right away. He doesn't appear to know how to lunge when outside of a round pen, but that will come. I left him tied at the arena wall and he did fine.

For a bit of grain, he loads nicely. Without the treat, when we first approached the horse trailer, he was unsure. A slight tremor went through his body. He'd walk up to it, but not enter. He's a bit nervous about hauling; he paws while confined (both in the trailer and a stall.) We will make several short trips over the next couple of weeks to help him learn to relax. So far, that's his only real vice, and certainly one that can be overcome.

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